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To my girls on their 10th birthday


10 years.  Ten years since the day you surprised us by entering this world 2 months early.  I was so scared that day…not knowing if you would be ok.  But also knowing someday I would be going home with TWO babies!!   You are both so so strong and independent today; it is crazy to about your tiny 3 pound bodies and how you had to learn to even breath and eat on your own.  I’m not sure how it can both feel like so long ago and yet just yesterday.  Despite getting no sleep, the time when you were babies passed by so quickly.  It was a blessing that I could stay home to take care of you.   We jumped into a world of dolls, dress-ups, playdates, dance and gymnastics.  I loved watching you make new friends and learn new skills.  And then just like that you were off on the bus to Kindergarten.  Reading and math, along with a full dance and gymnastics schedule kept us busy everyday.  Every year of school has shown me new things about each of you.  Your strength and confidence is something I look up to.  When I was your age, I never would have been able to do the things you do.  I am so proud of all that you have accomplished at 10 years old.  I hope that you always believe in yourself, treat others the way you want to be treated, and never give up.

I love you.


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